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Introducing Devtranet

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D’phenomenal | December 22, 2023

We're building a home for developers and people in tech. Today, millions of people like us spend hours every day switching between different tools which results in a fragmented experience and lost productivity. Building a career for an extremely challenging job shouldn't be that hard — we're making it easier than ever!

Devtranet is where developers and people in tech connect, build, and discover opportunities.

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Say goodbye to combining multiple tools:

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There are plenty of developer-focused communities and tools, but most of them are either too general or focused on specific problems: Hashnode is a great modern blogging platform, StackOverflow houses solutions to all coding problems. Everyone wants to become a 10X Developer, but there are so many things getting in the way.

It's 2023, but as a developer:

  • You need a LinkedIn account for networking or your job search, and you can't escape recruiters spam.

  • To showcase all the cool projects you've shipped, you need to code a portfolio from scratch and pay for a domain name plus web hosting. Something people spend less than two minutes taking a look at except if your UI designer friend helps with a good template.

  • StackOverflow isn't open to subjective questions or beginner-friendly ones. Try asking “How can I improve the performance of my web app?” while I watch you get downvoted or banned, but we all need help.

  • Looking for collaborators for a project? You have to ask people on literally all the Discord, Slack, or Reddit dev communities you're part of. What if it can be done at the tap of a button?

  • Need to learn a new technology? It's on YouTube for free but you can't watch it without disturbance: Ads, Ads, Ads…

  • Blogging or sharing your thoughts is a hassle. You have to keep migrating from Medium or Substack to the next promising dev blogging platform to remove paywalls, Ads, and own your content.

We're changing that!

This fragmentation also extends to communities, where you belong determines the type of career opportunities you get, the quality of support you receive, your network, and more.

So while partial solutions exist, there is an opportunity for a platform like Devtranet that combines the key elements developers want — networking, opportunity and project discovery, community, blogging, events, etc — into one integrated experience. We know all of our competitors, but nobody is doing this well.

Developer experience can make or break a dev-focused product, which is why Devtranet offers simplicity and ease of use for developers, as Stripe does for payments. Our vision is to simplify the fragmented landscape, much like Stripe did for payments so developers will no longer use a stand-alone platform for every feature they need.

We're more than excited to build a home for developers and people in tech.

Help us make Devtranet better

Devtranet is currently in public beta, sign up to get your @username. We have many bugs to fix and features to ship so please share feedback so we can improve the quality and experience of the platform. You can also request a feature.!

Devtranet is where developers and people in tech
connect, build, and discover


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